Why do you need car insurance?

Car insurance is an essential document to avoid breaking the law. All drivers are forced to choose insurance when they want to rent a car. To visit the United Kingdom, you can underwrite insurance for your car rental.

Why is auto insurance needed?

Why subscribe to this insurance? Because it’s mandatory. But mostly because by making sure, you protect yourself and others. The law mandates the underwriting of a minimum insurance for all so-called motorized land vehicles. That is to say for all vehicles equipped with an engine. Subscribing to insurance means protecting yourself and others.  The accident only happens to others. You may at any time be responsible for a traffic accident, but also a victim. So, to circulate in complete serenity, it is better to be assured! At the very moment you take possession of a vehicle, you must have a contract specific to that vehicle.

Why do you have to choose the type of auto insurance you need?

UK car insurance is necessary to ensure your vehicle for your safety. With insurance, you continue to be free and mobile whatever the circumstances. Third-party insurance is a minimum and compulsory insurance. This only compensates for damage caused to third parties. It does not cover the driver or his vehicle. This insurance is called a third party liability which is essential for repairs of the vehicle or medical expenses incurred by third parties because of the rented car. The maximum amount of coverage is indicated in the rental conditions and depends on the supplier and location. Then, all risks insurance is more complete. It intervenes for all accidents without exception. Comprehensive coverage is the most extensive auto insurance option. As its name suggests, it covers all the risks that can occur with a car, both to the driver, to the passengers of the vehicle or to other road users. Property damage is also covered. Driver insurance is an additional guarantee for the driver.  It covers his injuries, even if he is responsible or in the absence of third parties.

What insurance for a car rental?

Do you want to rent a car and already have car insurance for your own vehicle? So it may be superfluous to underwrite another through the lessor. Driving on public roads must be insured. This obligation is imposed regardless of the owner of the vehicle. If you just have a license and you want to opt for car rental, you must have a car insurance policy. In general, car rental insurance contracts simply provide for third party liability to repair damage caused to others with the rental car.
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Car rental: what type of insurance do you need?

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