Car rental: what type of insurance do you need?

Are you planning to rent a car? You have to choose car insurance to be able to move in peace. But it is not easy to find car insurance adapted to your needs.

Why do you have to choose car rental insurance?

Whatever the duration of your rental and the type of vehicle chosen, car rental insurance is compulsory. As with your own individual car, you must be insured to cover all eventualities such as a road accident or stealing the vehicle from your vacation destination. Therefore, insurance is a real guarantee of safety when you choose to rent a car. It is important to understand limited liability in order to get the right protection when renting a car. Car rental insurance is included in the base price of the rental, but is usually limited to third-party insurance. Then, it covers material and physical damage caused to the third party and its vehicle, even if you are liable. You can also take out additional insurance to be covered in case of damage to the rented car. This type of insurance is particularly recommended when renting a limousine, vintage car or sports car.

The importance of choosing car insurance

Car insurance is essential when traveling in order to be covered in case of a sinister. But often, Car rental agencies jargons are complicated and obscure. It is also possible to take out additional insurance when you rent your car. It usually covers the damage to your vehicle and often includes a franchise buyback option, for example. At all events, never forget to be very vigilant when checking the condition of the rented vehicle. You need to notify all snags and check whether everything has been noted on the lease.

Why take out additional insurance for car rental?

Car leases offer many insurance policies. Car Rental Company has to take out public liability insurance in the rental price. It guarantees the financial consequences of bodily injury or material damage that the driver and passengers of the vehicle may cause to third parties while in the vehicle. It also covers damage to the passengers of the vehicle. In order to insure the persons conveyed in the vehicle, and in particular the bodily damage of the driver or the need for medical assistance, rental companies offer additional insurance. When renting a car, they offer rates and allow taking out compulsory insurance in the case of an accident.
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