Car insurance and peer to peer car rental

Peer to peer car rental is evolving thanks to the internet. The tenant manages to easily contact a rental company to choose a right car for their trip. Yet you have to choose car insurance when thinking about renting a car to enjoy your holiday in England.

How to find insurance for a rental car?

If you go to car rental sites, it’s easy to find car insurance that can meet your expectations. You go through a private leasing company. Private car rental companies insure vehicles for the duration of the rental. Whether you own or rent, it is important to inform you about the car insurance offered by the company. Mostly, private car rental agents offer all-risk insurance. In addition to the compulsory civil liability coverage, the insurer covers the material damage of the vehicle, the risk of fire and theft.  There are generally compensation ceilings and a franchise and payable by the driver. This insurance allows the owner of the vehicle to keep his bonus if the person who rented his car is responsible for an accident. In all cases, every driver must drive with valid documents. In case of an accident, if the responsible driver is underage or he is not with the appropriate license, the insurer may refuse to take care of the damage suffered by the vehicle and the driver.

How can a rental car be insured?

If you are the owner of the car, you should contact your insurer to study these points with him and adapt your contract in order to have the permission to rent a car. Visit in order to learn further more information about how to rent peoples cars. You have to consider that you shall be no liability in case of traffic accident caused the driving fault of the person who rents and drives the vehicle. On the other hand, if the driver’s liability was retained in an accident, a malus could be applied to the car insurance policy.If you want to rent a car, it is important to ask the owner for an insurance certificate that specifies these various elements. If you did not go through a rental agent, you must report the damage to the car to your insurer. The property damage suffered by the vehicle shall be reimbursed according to the established liabilities and warranties clause in the contract. Physical damage caused to passengers shall be fully compensated under the compulsory civil liability guarantee.

Car insurance for private car rental

Private car rental sites systematically offer compulsory insurance to lease owners. It includes civil liability or damage to a third party but also guarantees theft, fire, physical and material damage. When booking, tenants must choose the level of deductible they wish to receive in the event of an accident. If the deductible is low, the cost of insurance will be high. There is also a cap on compensation. Regarding p2p car rental insurance without rental agency, the insurance of the owner of the vehicle comes into play. Before renting a vehicle, the perspective clients must tip off their insurance company and ask to modify his underwriting contract.
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