What are the precautions to take during a P2P car rental?

With the rental sites, choosing to rent my car has become very simple and convenient. So, if you want to find an answer to a question how hire my car, you have to opt for a private car rental site. Check drivy.co.uk/ for more information. But it is still necessary to take precautions.

Private car rental: What are the principles and risks?

Peer to peer car rental have become more democratic. In fact, it is now possible to rent your vehicle to private individual on specialized sites. The owner of the vehicle places an announcement on the site and he need to specify certain conditions: description of the vehicle, rental period, price... Outside this framework, it is forbidden to rent a vehicle without an intermediary unless a contract is established between the two parties. First, the owner of the vehicle must ensure that his initial car insurance policy authorizes him to use his vehicle for commercial purposes, that is, to allow him to lease his vehicle for which he receive a sum of money. Otherwise, he shall incur civil liability for any damage caused by the tenant. Choosing to rent a car to private individuals carries a certain amount of risks: damage, theft, accident, unpaid rent, traffic violation...

Peer to peer car rental, how does it work?

P2p car rental has advantages: low cost, flexibility and security because insurance is included in the rental. Many casual drivers use private car rentals when they need to use a vehicle occasionally. Less expensive than renting from a professional, many car lovers choose this formula, but few of them know the mechanisms and assurances that the sites offer. You can rent your car to enjoy some considerable benefits. Borrowing a car from a third party rather than the one offered by a professional car rental agency to save a considerable amount of money is the principle of peer to peer car rental. If you want to answer the question how to rent my car UK, there are some conditions that you must respect. Specific contracts have been designed to allow individuals borrowing the vehicle of another owner to drive safely. At first, you will have to find a site that offers this type of service. Then, once you have created an account, you can offer your vehicle for rent.

Car insurance for car rental

When renting a car, for a weekend or for a longer period, it is important to think about car rental insurance. Indeed, you are not always covered in case of accident and it can cost expensive in the end. Car rental companies often offer the minimum in terms of car rental insurance, that is, public liability insurance. In the event of an accident, if you are the driver liable, the civil liability will cover the damage caused to the other vehicle, the driver and the passengers of the other car, however, it will cover neither your material damage nor physical damage. To be covered in the event of an accident or in case of theft, you will have to take out optional car rental insurance when renting. If they raise the bill of rent, it can also save you a lot of money in case of damage.
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