Our tips and tricks to rent the best car for a London stay

Looking for a peer to peer car rental London because you plan to stay in this great city? Drivy UK gives you the possibility to rent a car in the best conditions.

How to find a car rental tailored to your needs?

For London car hire,  it is therefore important to take into account the duration of the rental, the distances you intend to travel, the number of people who will travel with you and especially who you will transport.  For more savings, it is necessary to adapt the car to the size of the family! For couples, the small car is very practical. It is economical and practical for going out for a drive around the city. For families, the small car is to choose provided that it does not have too much luggage. Then it is necessary to compare offers on different sites or price comparator. You have to check the price, the franchise, the insurance, the options...

The benefits of car rental in the UK

Private car rental is a concept that appeals to Internet users. Practical and economical, it is aimed at everyone: urban, rural, single, families, young or old. Peer to peer car rental deserves to be better known. Based on the principle of car-sharing that allows to share a vehicle between people of the same family, between friends, neighbors or colleagues, peer to peer car rental UK offers the possibility to share a car with unknown people by using websites. Economical, this solution is effective in limiting the costs of using a motor vehicle, buying and maintaining, renting or purchasing a garage to park the vehicle. Private car rental allows the sharing of maintenance costs and car insurance price. This is an advantageous solution for anyone who doesn’t need to have a full-time car. For all these reasons, London car hire is a right solution that makes life easier for vacationers and travelers.

The conditions you have to consider for car rental abroad

For a car rental beyond your borders, you need to get an international license. It’s important that you receive this from the prefecture or the sub-prefecture a few weeks before departure. Several documents will be requested, you can find them on the Public Service website. The application for an international permit is free. First of all, you must check whether the country of destination doesn’t impose certain additional rules. Then, several car rental companies develop their rental networks in a multitude of countries. By going through one of these agencies, you ensure a reliable booking, a serious service and a clear and understandable insurance contract. Renters of local cars have the advantage of being economically more attractive since they offer used vehicles that are cheaper. Not all independent rental agents have a good reputation, so it is important to make inquiries on the internet or in travel guides. Leasing conditions can sometimes be different and insurance contracts less legible. Peer to peer rental is democratized; the main advantage is to reduce rental costs. The best solution is to go through an agency platform that will reduce the risk of swindles and include certain guarantees.
When do you need a car rental the most?
How to compare car rental prices in the UK?

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