Visiting the UK by car? What type of insurance do you need?

Many Holidaymakers choose the car as a means of transportation when they plan to visit British cities. But they have to discover all types of car insurance in the UK in order to choose the most appropriate one if they want to move freely.

How to choose your right car insurance contract?

Commonly, in order to be allowed to travel legally with a vehicle, it is compulsory for the holder of the registration certificate to underwrite insurance. In addition, an insurance contract is required for UK car rental. It is possible to compare the different categories of offers before choosing the most suitable formula. From basic insurance guaranteed to third parties to all-risk insurance through the options to ensure a secondary driver or a vehicle without a license, all combinations are possible. Before choosing an auto insurance policy, it is essential for each driver to determine the level of coverage to which he or she wishes to underwrite. Indeed, if the contract is expensive, the coverage in case of loss is important. It is also possible to add options depending on the driving habits of the users, the particularities of the vehicle, the number of kilometers travelled each year or taking into account the situation of the insured.

Why choose third-party insurance to protect yourself?

You want to choose UK car insurance; you can opt for third party insurance. This is minimum auto insurance. It protects you from damage your car could cause to a third party. If, during the accident, one of your passengers is injured, he will be compensated by your civil liability in the same way as a third party. On the other hand, this insurance policy does not cover your damages. This coverage is extremely limited and offered at a lower price than other auto insurance formulas. Compulsory insurance is coverage for your civil liability. This means that the insurance covers the damage that you or others could cause with your vehicle to other people. This insurance does not cover your own bodily injury or material damage which is your responsibility if you are responsible for the accident. If a third party is liable, this damage will be covered by its insurance. But for car rental, it is appropriate to choose the intermediate insurance.

The benefits of opting for comprehensive insurance

All-risk insurance can guarantee all the damage whether you are responsible or not and that the responsible person is identified or not. This insurance is the most comprehensive because it covers all types of damage. Generally, it is advisable after the acquisition of a vehicle of significant value, since the costs of repair in case of accident or degradation will be higher. In order to cover as many risks as possible, you can opt for an all-risk auto insurance. This protection is optimal and allows you to insure against a large number of hazards.
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Car rental: what type of insurance do you need?

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