How can I rent a car or a utility van?

You will have the list of utility cars available in your city and on your favourite dates in many websites. On, you will find utility cars with a loading volume of between 3m³ (a Renault Kangoo for example) and 12m³ (like the Peugeot Boxer). In most rental platforms, the owners indicate in the description of their vehicle the storage volume, dimensions and equipment to make it easier for you to choose. We distinguish 3 categories of utility vans, from the smallest to the largest. To rent the most suitable vehicle for your projects, follow this guide!

Small vans, perfect for a small trip at Ikea or for carrying a few boxes (<3m³)

This category includes vehicles such as a Renault Kangoo, Citroën Berlingo or Peugeot Partner. The main advantage of these small utility cars is the fat that they're very manageable. They behave like normal cars, while offering a loading volume of 3m³. Their second asset is their price: around 35 € per day. To make small purchases at Ikea or carry some business, this category of utilities will suffice. As it is an easy vehicle to drive and park, you can also consider renting one for a small move: you will make several trips. These utilities, like the Mercedes Vito, the Fiat Scudo or the Renault Trafic offer a larger storage volume (between 4 and 7m³) for a reasonable price, around 40-50 € a day. Although they are fairly easy to drive and park, be careful because they are higher than normal cars. If you have to move a studio or a small apartment, this type of utility is ideal. With its sliding door and double rear door, it is easy to load and unload. You can easily enter a small sofa, a table or even your small appliances.

Large utility cars, practical for transporting large furniture (between 8 and 12m³)

These large utility vans, such as the Renault Master or the Peugeot Boxer, offer 8 to 12m³ of cargo volume. Yous should consider a budget of about 60-70 € per day. Larger than the models mentioned above, they are raised and allow to carry large objects: cabinets, libraries, beds ... They are perfect for moving. That's it, you know everything now! We hope that this info will help you choose!
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