What is a replacement vehicle?

The car remains essential to facilitate the various trips to be made daily. Whether to go to work, to take the children to school, or for various races, the car is a must. However, at some point in time, the car may have problems and be unusable. At this time, the replacement vehicle is essential, but what exactly is it?

Definition of a replacement vehicle

A replacement vehicle is an automobile that the insurance company makes available to its client in the event that the car of the latter is down, damaged, or stolen. In reality, it is a vehicle loan, the time that the indemnification of the subscriber is effective, or that the repair of the car is completed. In this concept, it is the authorized repairer who collaborates with the insurer who provides this vehicle. The objective is to allow the members of the insurance to not be indisposed and to be able to continue their daily routine.

Optional warranty

The replacement vehicle warranty is not included in the classic auto insurance formulas. Indeed, the basic formula only concerns the material and bodily injury caused to the third party. To benefit from the replacement vehicle warranty, you must subscribe to the corresponding option. According to the company, this insurance policy can be included in the intermediate forms, or in all-risk contracts. Otherwise, you really have to buy this option to benefit from this service

What to know before using a replacement vehicle

Before jumping on the occasion, and especially before driving the car given on loan, it is necessary to check certain elements. The certificate of insurance is the first thing to see. You need to know the warranties and the deductibles. The value of the guarantee ceilings is also to be checked. Other elements such as the technical inspection certificate and the registration certificate are also to be checked. The number on the plate must be the same as the one on the registration certificate. The duration of the vehicle loan depends on the agreements made between the insurer and his client. It can vary from one company to another, and from one contract to another. In the event that the replacement vehicle suffers a loss, the coverage considered will be that which is on his insurance certificate. In case of uncertainty, it is better to ask more details from the company that insures the replacement vehicle.
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