How to choose your car insurance online ?

Today the players in the auto insurance market are not lacking. It is sometimes difficult to navigate. The same goes for the number of guarantees, formulas and tariffs. Here are some ways to help you choose your car insurance online.

How to find the right insurer?

To find the insurer that will meet your needs, several solutions are available to you. You can refer to: general insurers, specialized insurers, insurance brokers or auto insurance comparators. General insurers They have a varied clientele: individuals, professionals, businesses, traders, communities, building professionals, health professionals, farmers, artisans, etc. General insurers are primarily targeting good drivers, namely experienced drivers, who have a bonus-penalty coefficient of around 0.50. Specialized insurers for a particular type of driver Specialized insurers offer tailor-made car insurance policies for a specific type of driver, such as the so-called "at risk" profiles: young drivers, drivers who are stranded, terminated or malpractice. Specialized insurers can also meet specific insurance needs, such as the temporary insurance of a vehicle. If you have a specific need or a profile that insurers describe as "risky", we advise you to turn to specialized insurers. The offers they offer you will be more suitable and more competitive rates. Insurance Brokers They act as intermediaries between insurance companies and policyholders. Depending on your profile, the broker will compare the best offers offered by insurers at the best price. They negotiate for you the formulas and the amount of the premiums with the insurers. Their expertise and their global vision of the market and a precious help to find an insurance formula adapted to its need. The auto insurance comparators Finally, to find an insurer online, you can check insurance comparator sites. There are many. These are computer programs that instantly compare the formulas of several insurers from the information you fill in their form. Their main advantage is their speed, which saves you a lot of time. Choosing the right warranties and options of your car insurance In addition to choosing the insurer, you will also need to determine the insurance plan that is right for you. Insurers offer 3 formulas:
  • A formula to the third party, which allows you to ride with the minimum legal guarantee: the "civil liability" and who will compensate you in case of damage not responsible.
  • A formula in all risks that will protect you for all types of damage including responsible
  • An intermediate formula, in thirds more, that will protect you only in case of damage not responsible but that will offer you more guarantees than a simple third-party formula, such as guarantees against theft, breakage of ice etc.
To choose your insurance plan, we invite you to consider the particularities of the vehicle to be insured:
  • If the vehicle is new or recent and its value is high, it is advisable to choose a formula at all risks.
  • On the contrary, if the vehicle has a low value or is old, it is better to insure it to the third party. If your vehicle is parked in the street we recommend you to opt for an intermediate formula that will protect you in case of breakage or theft.
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