How to terminate your car insurance contract ?

Terminating your auto insurance policy is a right you can enjoy, however you will have to follow some rules imposed by the termination.

When to terminate your car insurance?

Several circumstances allow you to terminate your automobile insurance contract:
  • Arrival at the annual end of the contract: you must respect the notice period of two months and send a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. You will no longer be covered by this contract on the due date.
  • In the case of an increase in the insurance premium (excluding surcharges linked to a penalty or taxes).
  • In the case of change of vehicle (sale or donation, total destruction, etc.). Send a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, the suspension is immediate and the cancellation will take place 10 days after receipt of the letter.
  • In the case of a change of circumstances (relocation, marital status, employment status, etc.). Send a registered letter with AR, the cancellation takes effect 30 days after receipt.
For its part, the insurer also has the right to terminate your auto insurance contract, without explanation. He must, however, comply with a notice of 2 months before the due date, except in the case of a claim caused by the insured intoxicated, in which case the insurer may immediately terminate.

The termination letter

In order for termination to take effect, we strongly recommend that you send your letter of cancellation by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt, which is proof of your wish to terminate. Easily download a cancellation letter from your auto insurance policy! You can then customize it.

Termination: the Chatel law, to help you

Be aware that a car insurance contract is renewed tacitly, that is to say automatically. We must not miss the opportunity to terminate, in which case the contract is again valid for one year. However, the Chatel law came into effect to help you. Prior to this law, insurers did not always warn you as the contract maturity date approaches. They are now obliged to keep you informed of your possibility of terminating your contract.

How it works ?

The insurer is obliged to inform you of your right to cancel between 3 months and 15 days before the deadline for cancellation. If the insurer fails to do so, you have two options: The information reaches you less than 15 days before the deadline for cancellation, you have 20 days more to put an end to your auto insurance contract The information only comes to you after the anniversary date, you have the right to terminate your contract at any time. Learn more here Your insurance comparator offers a completely free cancellation warning service to never miss the opportunity to terminate!
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